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Manufactured from quality materials and thoroughly inspected at all stages of production, Transtherm Wine Cabinets are designed to protect your wines against all external influences, while allowing them to mature under optimal conditions. Note that Transtherm Wine Cabinets have nothing in common with traditional refrigerators that generate an intense cold environment, which could dry out the corks and even worse, denature your vintage wines. Our wine cabinets respect all conditions necessary for the preservation and maturation of your wines.

  • Prestige Storage Shelf, Ermitage and Castel

    Prestige Storage Shelf, Ermitage and Castel

    Product ID: AXUHT


    Made with solid beech wood, 1 storage shelf can store any shape of bottle and up to 77 Traditional Bordeaux/Burgundy bottles layer upon layer. Removable, you can arrange your cabinet the way you want and couple them with sliding shelves for future use. Storage Shelves are vented to enable air-circulation.

    Prestige Storage Shelf, Ermitage and Castel