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Manufactured from quality materials and thoroughly inspected at all stages of production, Transtherm Wine Cabinets are designed to protect your wines against all external influences, while allowing them to mature under optimal conditions. Note that Transtherm Wine Cabinets have nothing in common with traditional refrigerators that generate an intense cold environment, which could dry out the corks and even worse, denature your vintage wines. Our wine cabinets respect all conditions necessary for the preservation and maturation of your wines.

  • Prestige Ermitage Glass Door Custom(Right)

    Prestige Ermitage Glass Door Custom(Right)

    Product ID: EGR0

    Starts at: $2,795.00

    Customize your Prestige Ermitage Glass Door Cabinet with any combo of Shelving.

    Option 1:
    3 Sliding/3 Storage Shelf
    Add $500.00 to base price

    Option 2:
    14 Sliding Shelves
    Add $1,000.00 to base price

    Option 3:
    Any combo Storage/Sliding
    Add $90.00EA to base price

    Prestige Ermitage Glass Door Custom(Right)

    Prestige Ermitage

    Designed to perfectly replicate those conditions found in an ideal traditional underground wine cellar-steady temperature of 53/55 degrees Fahrenheit with optimum humidity. The temperature can be adjusted between 42-64 degrees Fahrenheit. Equipped with a hygrometer as standard.

    Function : Aging
    Capacity : 182 bottles
    Dimension (HxWxD) : 73" x 26.75" x 26.5"
    Weight : 285lbs
    Color : Black Matt
    Shelves : None 
    Temperature Zone : 1 Temperature (adjustable 45-65°F)
    Door   The frame of the glass door can be supplied in black or silver aluminum
    Door Hinge In : Right
    Handle Bar : Removable

    Transtherm Combinations and Colors

    Cabinets of the same size can be positioned together with opposing hinges to give the impression of one large double-door unit. Single temp, 3-temp and multi-temp cabinets can be matched together, as long as they are the same height.

    Control Panel

    Incorporating electronic digital temperature setting/display accurate to within 1 degree, cold lighting and temperature alarm (audio/visual).

    Shelf Options:  Sliding, Storage & Presentation Shelf (Priced Separately)

    Configured to your specifications. Sliding and Storage Shelves can be combined in one unit.

    Sliding Shelf (Wine Servicing) : Shelf glides out for instant access to the 12 bottles

    Storage Shelf (Wine Aging) : Comfortably accommodate bottles of different shapes. Store up to 77 bottles per shelf.

    Presentation Shelf (Wine Display) : Showcase 6 bottles of your best wines


    • Electronic Regulation
    • Lighting System with 3 Options
    • 2 Adjustable Feet
    • Storage Grid
    • Double hot/cold circuit exclusivity
    • Locking Door
    • Reversible Door (glass door exclusivity)
    • Black and Silver Stainless Steel Handle
    • Aluminium Interior
    • R134a Gas Compressor
    • Ideal for Restaurants
    • Designed especially for Serving Wine
    • Specific Graded Temperature

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