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  • WhisperKOOL Split Exterior Enclosure

    WhisperKOOL Split Exterior Enclosure

    Product ID: WKSEE

    $339.00 .ea

    WhisperKOOL Split Exterior Enclosure

    Product Description

    Protects the condenser portion of the split system from the elements when installed outdoors. Exterior Condenser Housing is used with the Platinum Mini Split, Platinum Split Wall Mount and Platinum Split Fully Ducted.

    Key Features (learn more):

    • Galvanized Steel Base
    • Galvanized Steel Cabinet Embossed -- 20 GA
    • Hinged Access for Easier Servicing
    • Wind Safety Latch -- See Insert
    • Shipped Knocked Down for Convenient Warehousing
    • Easily Assembled in the Shop or on the Job
    • All Front Louver are at a 45° degree Angle
    • Rain Trough Under Hinge to catch moisture that might seep through hinge
    • Necessary Fastners Provided


    20"w x 20"h x 27"d